Antique Motorcycle Parts Prices

Keihin CV Carb Kit Prices

Complete Installation Kit=$300.00

"J" Slot Air Cleaner Back Plate=$75.00

Complete "Indian Script" Modified Air Cleaner=$155.00

Dyno-Jet Kit (#8105)=$80.00

Yost "Power Tube" jet-kit=$90.00

Labor:Rebuild Your Carb, Modify Linkage, and Advance Bracket (your parts)=$50.00

Complete, modified, rebuilt Keihin 41mm CV Carb=Price On Request

Scout Racing Lifters - 104 Degree Lobe Centers

$500.00 per set of (4)

Scout Racing Cam Lobes - (5) to Choose From

$200.00 per pair of Racing Cam Lobes

SS1 Cam - .380" Lift, and 250 Degrees Duration (@ .050" Valve Lift)

SS2 Cam - .380" Lift, and 255 Degrees Duration (@ .050" Valve Lift)

LSR1 Cam - .430" Lift, and 255 Degrees Duration (@ .050" Valve Lift)

LSR2 Cam - .430" Lift, and 260 Degrees Duration (@ .050" Valve Lift)

LSR3 Cam - .430" lift, and 265 Degrees Duration (@ .050" Valve Lift)

Indian Chief "Krank-Vent" kit

$125.00 for the complete kit

Vincent "Big Bore" 32mm Stainless Steel Manifolds

$220.00 including bolts, washers, nuts, gaskets, jetting data, and cable length drawings

Vincent Side Stand

$250.00 for the complete kit

Ordering Information

Within the USA, I prefer a Cashiers Check, or a company check made out to: Jim Mosher.

Send To: James R. Mosher, 327 Ojo de La Vaca Rd., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

Please Note: I am sorry to have to hold up the shipments untill the personal checks clear, but I have been "burned" several times, and I am not going to let it happen again. I hope you understand. My product is "satisfaction guaranteed", and I will make good on anything that you feel unhappy with.

I can accept "Pay Pal" payments over the internet (as on E-Bay purchases), but I have to charge the extra 3% that they require. This can be an easier way to purchase for those people outside of the USA. See the Pay Pal site at ( for details. Pay Pal pays to my account ( Call me, or E-Mail me for details.


James R. Mosher